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Why Reorienting Markets Toward Systems Stewardship Is Good News for the Global Economy

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Diversified investors must attend to systemic risk and stop hoping that everything that improves financial return at a single portfolio company will improve financial return of the portfolio overall. — Frederick Alexander, CEO, The Shareholder Commons

The Shareholder Commons has completed its first proxy season catalyzing beta stewardship and advocating…

Potential Dunkin’ Deal Illustrates Need to Consider Stakeholders During Shift to a New Owner

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White Paper Proposes Legal Shift From Shareholder Primacy to Stakeholder Capitalism

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How Shareholders and Markets Can Encourage a Shift to Stakeholder Capitalism—50 Years After Milton Friedman’s Essay

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New Rule Would Threaten ESG Stewardship

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Investors Show They’re Eager to Invest in Responsible Businesses

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The Shareholder Commons

Creating Guardrails to Protect our Common Interest www.theshareholdercommons.com

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